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How Not to Write a Value Prop

Whether you’re working to get your startup off of the ground, or hunting for a new job, you have to be able to sell yourself--which means you need a value proposition. But here's the catch--your value prop should not start with "I" or "we." Nobody wants to hear someone talk about themselves—and nobody wants to… Continue reading How Not to Write a Value Prop

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Do you know where you fit into the “big picture?”

What makes someone come to work, day after day? It's not about the money--it's about the empowerment. Doing a job that makes you feel valued--and that you're a part of your organization's "big picture"--will keep you coming back. Check out my LinkedIn post here.

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How to tell if your cover letter sucks

I've been reading a lot of articles lately about how the cover letter doesn't matter, and it's been bothering me a lot. Maybe in some fields--where you have recruiters working for you or your jobs are simply based on word of mouth--the cover letter doesn't matter. But for all things communications, and marketing, it does.… Continue reading How to tell if your cover letter sucks